Innovations in Acoustical Solutions: Wall Panels & Wood Finishes

At L&W Supply, when we aren’t busy stocking jobsites or coordinating deliveries, our reps spent a great deal of time educating themselves on new and exciting solutions that we see across our industry. In markets with a high demand for commercial construction and ceiling solutions, it is important to take note of what products customers and contractors are discussing.

Here are some of the products and solutions that L&W Supply’s ceiling reps have been working with recently, along with a tool from Chroma Collections that can help simplify the comparison process:

Paraline Plus Linear Metal System – USG

Previously, we have covered the Paraline Linear Metal system, a well-known metal ceilings product consisting of 12’ long metal pans attached to a suspension system. Paraline Plus builds on the strengths of the core product while featuring a number of different looks and finished. These include wood tones, anodized and painted metal finishes, allowing designers a degree of flexibility without sacrificing ease-of-installation.

  • Snap-up design offers unlimited access with minimum plum depth requirements.
  • Designed to integrate with suspension systems and pans
  • Available with perforated pans and Acoustibond backer for improved acoustic control


SounDesign Wall Panels

SounDesign Wall Panels

Acoustical Wall Panels – SounDesign

A new solution that we’ve seen for improving acoustic control in a space comes in the form of acoustical wall panels from SounDesign. Wall panels are a great solution for dampening sound and reducing noise without making changes to an existing ceiling system. They can be utilized in larger spaces, such as an auditorium or gymnasium, or in smaller spaces such as hallways and board rooms.

  • Comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, thicknesses, edge and corner details, fabrics, textures, colors, and finishes.
  • Custom-printing is also available
  • Highly effective at controlling reverberation without sacrificing aesthetics

Chroma Collection Comparison Sheet + Product Catalog

Chroma Collections is a manufacturer that creates customized, colorful ceiling panels that come in a variety of finishes and sizes. Previously, we’ve covered their open plenum and T-bar solutions, including the Chroma Tints collection, which allows designers to create ceiling panels and grid with custom colors while maintaining strong acoustical performance.

Recently, our reps have gotten a great deal of value out of the Acoustical Product Comparison PDF from Chroma Collections, showcasing ceilings solutions offered by four major manufacturers across the main ceilings product types (baffles, canopies, etc.). Along with the Chroma Collections product catalog, these types of tools have provided great value to reps and contractors for their ability to condense a large amount of information into an easily sharable piece of content.

When it comes to ceilings and acoustical performance, there is rarely one “right” solution to a given project. This is why the best thing you can do for yourself and your reps is to arm them with as much knowledge as they can, allowing them to deliver dynamic, innovative solutions to your customers.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about acoustical ceilings, contact your local L&W Supply rep today or visit our acoustical ceilings category page:



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