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Joint Treatment and Interior Finishing

The hand of a worker applying Joint Treatment to drywallFrom all-purpose joint compound to corner beads and tape, every L&W Supply branch carries the interior finishing products you need to complete your next project. If you’re looking for interior finishing supplies, ready-mix mud, setting compounds or textured finishes from leading brands such as USG Sheetrock®, National Gypsum ProForm®, CertainTeed, Westpac/Hamilton and more, give your local L&W Supply branch a call today.

Our joint treatment portfolio includes:

  • Ready-Mix Joint Compounds
    • All Purpose, Light Weight, Taping & Topping Compounds
      • USG Midweight™
      • USG UltraLightweight™
      • USG Plus 3®
      • National Gypsum ProForm® Lite Blue™
      • National Gypsum ProForm® Multi-Use™
      • CertainTeed Rapid-Coat®
      • Westpac/Hamilton Compounds
  • Setting Compounds
    • USG Durabond®, Easy Sand™
    • National ProForm® Quick Set™, Quick Set Lite™
    • CertainTeed Lite Sand Plus
    • Westpac/Hamilton Fast Set
  • Drywall and Interior Finishing Accessories
  • Corner Beads, Trims and Tape
    • Bare Metal
    • Paper-Faced
    • Vinyl & Plastic
    • Tapes (Rolls & Boxes)
  • Firestop Compounds
    • Caulks
    • Ready Mix
    • Setting Types
  • Textures & Primers (Walls and Ceilings)