Winter Safety in Construction: 2022

Winter weather and freezing temperatures can cause a range of issues for people headed to work or working outdoors, and the construction industry is no exception. At L&W Supply, where safety is a key part of our culture, we do everything we can to protect our people, our customers, and your products whenever we visit one of your jobsites.

If you’re living in a part of the country with severe winter weather, then you are no doubt familiar with some of the best practices for preparing for snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. When it comes to safety, there can be no “one size fits all” solution: safety must be an ongoing effort reinforced by every member of an organization, particularly when it comes to remaining vigilant on a jobsite.

Here are a few of L&W Supply’s best practices for how to keep you and your team members safe during the winter:

1. Keep Materials and Equipment Protected

Cold weather can potentially pose a number of different issues on jobsites, causing water and certain types of paint to freeze. Extreme cold can also cause certain building materials to contract and lose some of their stability and strength. It is important to properly winterize equipment in order to ensure it lasts through the winter and that a jobsite remains safe for workers and visitors.

2. Inspect and Clear Jobsites

After a winter storm, there may be a number of hazards present on a site that were not there before. Snow and ice can accumulate on working and walking surfaces, and heavy winds could potentially move objects around resulting in trip hazards. Following a blizzard, be sure to inspect the site for debris, snow or ice, putting down salt to melt ice patches where necessary. Above all, communicate to your fellow workers and team members anything that you may notice.

3. Be Aware of Weather Forecasts

By keeping an eye on the forecast, you can adequately prepare for any dangerous or unsafe conditions that may be headed your way, such as hail or a severe blizzard. Make a regular habit of routinely checking the upcoming weather forecast, such as the local weather channel or a simple Google search, so that you are up to date on any incoming storms.

4. Road Safety is a Must

It should come as no surprise that the most common winter safety issues occur on the road, while people are commuting to and from their jobs. At L&W Supply, a large part of what we do is ensure that your building materials get from point A to point B, safely and securely. Our drivers understand the importance of road safety, particularly during the winter, when delays are common and conditions can change quickly. Be sure to expect delays and complications that can arise from poor road conditions. Keep materials safely strapped and secured to trucks, perform frequent vehicle inspections, and try to build in a buffer when making deliveries.

5. Wear Layers & Proper PPE

The cold weather means that workers need to be bundled up in added layers to stay warm, along with additional PPE in order to stay safe. Standards like hard hats and steel-toe boots are even more important when there are winter hazards present. Gloves should be selected that keep workers warm while also allowing them to have enough mobility to work with tools and materials. Additionally, whenever possible it is a great idea to provide a heated break area for your fellow team members and associates where they can warm up and take a break from the cold.


Safety should always be the top priority of anyone who visits a jobsite, completes a delivery, or gets behind the wheel, regardless of the conditions. This is why it is important the entire year-round to develop and reinforce a culture of safety at your place of business.

As the nation’s largest distributor of interior building materials, we take safety very seriously and practice it at every step of our process. For more information on our culture of safety, along with winter safety tips, visit the links below.

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