Storm Preparation 2021: How to Deal with Bad Weather

In the wake of a storm, it can be a challenge for members of a local community to know what to do first. The demand for contractors and building material suppliers can also be daunting. Flooding, heavy winds and hail can damage buildings and cause roads to close, leading to delays and costly repairs. Nevertheless, storms provide an opportunity to help rebuild your local community and a chance to quickly demonstrate to your neighbors how much you can help out.

We’ve compiled a few best practices for how contractors can prepare for storms and ensure they are in a good position to help their community bounce back.

  1. Act Quickly

While many storms can be sudden and hard to predict, adequate preparation is key if you want your business to be ready when bad weather does happen. Monitor the forecast closely when storms have been predicted. Be ready to start work on a new project as soon as possible if a storm may be coming up.

For contractors, what this means is you will want to equip yourself with everything you need to start confirming jobs soon after a storm. You’ll want to have all the information at your disposal, including your schedule, timelines and activity of your crew, so that you can accurately predict what your availability will be following a storm.

  1. Act Safely

Storms not only present new scheduling challenges for contractors, but also added safety concerns as well. Above all else, it is important that you and your business continue to enforce safety practices and guidelines under these conditions.

Storms can make things hectic for everyone involved, so it is especially important to coordinate your team’s activity to help prevent accidents, avoid delays and ensure that the right materials are available. As soon as it’s safe, send out teams to take care of immediate safety hazards such as putting tarps over damaged areas or fallen debris. Check local news for road closures or anything that could cause considerable delays. The more breathing room you can give everyone involved on a project, the better of a chance you will have of keeping everyone safe.

  1. Act Respectfully

One of L&W Supply’s core values is respect, and this extends to both the customer and our fellow workers. Understandably, right after a major storm tensions in a community can be very high. It is crucial therefore that you and your team continue to treat the customer and each other respectfully in these heightened circumstances.

What do we mean by honesty here? Let’s break it down further:

  • Be Transparent: If a delivery is delayed, or you can’t make something work, let your customers know right away.
  • Be Accountable: Storms create a massive amount of uncertainty. If your customers know they can rely on you to step up, it will make a huge difference.
  • Be Sensitive: You can avoid appearing insensitive to the damage caused to people’s homes and businesses by having an active presence in your community before a storm hits. For example, when it is safe to do so, many of L&W Supply’s branches are known for throwing community events and open houses that bring local contractors and companies together. Doing this can also help you establish relationships with your neighbors in the area and get the word out about your business.
  1. Rely on the Right Suppliers

Following a big weather event, the demand for building materials and repair services can be high. Homeowners and business owners are not often thinking about storm protection until a storm finally happens, creating a surge of people looking to weather proof their homes. In responding to this, contractors can help satisfy the needs of homeowners while also positioning themselves as a reliable source of high quality building materials and product info.

This is a key part of our process at L&W Supply: learning as much as we can in order to determine the best product solution. Are your customers considering impact-resistant products built to withstand tough conditions? Do they have storm proof windows or exteriors built to withstand high levels of moisture?  Examples like these are both good opportunities to educate your customers on the options they have for securing building materials following a storm.

At L&W Supply, we recognize that it is as important as ever to make sure your customers know they can rely on you to safely deliver the materials they need, when they need it, even when conditions are tough.

We hope that you take the time to familiarize yourself with best practices surrounding storm preparation for contractors and building materials suppliers. For more information and to contact one of our local branch teams, visit the links below:

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