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Project Profile: Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center

Fayetteville, NC

HUDDL Design Ceiling Baffles

When you’re working on a high-profile commercial project, the last thing you want to learn near the end of the build is that a crucial material won’t arrive until after the public opening date. But that’s just the situation Generations Construction in Salemburg, North Carolina, faced in fall 2022.

Overcoming Project Obstacles

Generations was six weeks from completing the new Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center when it learned the wood ceiling baffles that had been specified for the project wouldn’t arrive for nine more weeks due to a miscommunication on the supplier’s part when the order was initially placed.

Anxious to find a replacement material, Generations turned to Mike Packer, their trusted contact at L&W Supply’s Fayetteville, North Carolina, location. Mike had worked with Generations on many other projects over the years and immediately heeded the call for help.

Finding a Better, Faster Solution

Mike knew the lead time for wood ceilings would be up to 20 weeks, so he reached out to L&W Supply’s specialty product experts to find the right solution.

After some quick research, Mike told Generations that baffles from HUDDL Design could save the day. “These baffles look like wood but are actually made of fabric,” he explains. “HUDDL was very responsive and rushed samples to us within 48 hours so Generations could check them out.”

Generations had not used the HUDDL product before, but any concerns were put to rest once they saw how well made and attractive it is. Best of all, the entire order of HUDDL baffles arrived just four weeks later. Because they were so easy to hang, installation in the training room and entry area of the lobby took just one day.

Delivering Results and Deepening Relationships

Not only did the Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center open on time, but it was delighted with the effect created by the HUDDL baffles.

“HUDDL gave them a wide range of colors that they would not have had with wood baffles,” Mike says. “Instead of the mahogany they thought they had to go with, they were able to match the gray aesthetic of the walls much better.”

Generations is similarly thrilled with the service they experienced with HUDDL — and with L&W Supply. The construction company continues to rely on L&W Supply’s expertise, vendor relationships and commitment to excellence when sourcing materials for their projects.

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