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Product Spotlight: Cardinal Acoustics

Cardinal Acoustics Panels

Product Spotlight: Cardinal Acoustics

This month, we’re taking a look at three products carried by our L&W Supply Carolina teams from Cardinal Acoustics. Cardinal Acoustics is a leading provider of acoustic wood fiber solutions, known for their customer service, product knowledge, and attention to detail. They create specialized wood fiber panels that feature a unique look. As a family-owned company, Cardinal perfectly aligns with L&W Supply’s core values and is an organization we are proud to do business with.

Cardinal Acoustics Creative Panels


  • 1″ Cardinal Creative Panels (Hexagons), Custom Painted and Custom Cut

Cardinal Creative Panels are art-style wood fiber wall panels that come in a variety of shapes and custom colors. They provide a colorful, attractive way to control acoustics in any large space.


Cardinal Acoustics Complete Panels

  • 1″ + 1″ Cardinal Complete Panels, Custom Painted and Custom Cut

Cardinal Complete Interior Wood Fiber Panels come with an added layer of insulation to reduce noise even further. They come in NRC values of .85 and .90 and can be painted in custom colors from any paint manufacturer.


  • Cardinal Acoustics Creative Panels 21″ Cardinal Creative Panels (Hexagons) and 1″ Direct Attached Panels, Custom Painted and Custom Cut

Direct Attached Panels are a powerful acoustical solution, created to reduce noise in either new construction or to retrofit existing areas with an easy-to-install design. With an NRC rating of up to 1.0, these wood fiber panels attach directly to walls and ceilings.

If you’re curious to learn more about Cardinal Acoustical Panels, visit the links above or contact one of L&W Supply’s Carolina branches.