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Custom Metal and Recycled Panels: Three New Acoustic Solutions

CAD Metal Ceilings

L&W Supply’s Florida teams frequently deliver and stock some of the most innovative products in our industry, including ceilings and other acoustical solutions. Our sales representatives know the major difference that up-to-date product knowledge can make when it comes to the outcome of a project. In this article, we take a look at three cutting-edge ceilings products from F-Sorb and CAD that have been stocked recently by L&W Supply’s Florida teams:

Custom Architectural Designs (CAD) offers a wide variety of specialty metal wall and ceiling systems for both interior and exterior applications. They manufacture baffles, linear, panel, and column cover products in custom sizes and finishes.

Recently, our teams have worked with various CAD ceiling systems including lay-in, snap-tech, and expanded metal mesh. Depending on the desired application, their ceiling panel systems can be either free-floating or designed for a wall-to-wall system. CAD’s products allow designers and architects the flexibility to achieve the desired level of sound absorption while adding cost-effective accents to a specific area.

quietgrid live

F-Sorb manufactures eco-friendly acoustic wall panels and baffles made from mostly recycled materials. They offer a wide range of customization options for wall and ceiling panels, exteriors, along with acoustical core products. Below are two examples of innovative F-Sorb acoustical products:

  • Quietgrid – Unique ‘cloud system’ attaches to ceilings to absorb sound and improve acoustic performance. Quietgrid™ cellular ceilings come in two categories; independently supported and lay-in panels. The Quietgrid™ 47 clouds are 47” long by 8” tall blades with four different edge conditions: “A” for Angled, “C” for Curved, “K” for Chevron, and “S” for square. These are independently supported clouds with available hardware kits.
    • NRC: 75
    • Application: Education, Offices, Conference Rooms

Silentline Baffles


  • Silentline linear baffles can be attached to an existing ceiling system, or hung independently to improve acoustics in any space. They are offered in 8” or 12” tall blades in four patterns. Silentline comes in a half baffle at 47” long, and a full baffle at 95” long, designed to install to standard USG 9/16’’ T-Grid or Slot Bolt suspension system, or can be hung on it’s own.
    • NRC: 75
    • Application: Education, Restaurants, Retail

Having up-to-date product knowledge is an essential quality for any successful sales rep. We hope that with this information, you can your team members can continue to make informed decisions when it comes to stocking your next project. To contact L&W Supply’s Florida teams, or learn more about our ceilings catalog, visit the Florida Market page.