L&W Supply Rolls Out New Fleet of Delivery Trucks

At L&W Supply, we believe in the American Dream and the freedom and opportunity to pursue and achieve our aspirations. Our commitment to our customers pushes us to continue our innovation of safety measures to help them achieve their American Dream.

Rolling out a new fleet of delivery trucks is one of the many ways we continue our industry-leading commitment to safety.

Our operations team dedicates themselves to the constant improvement of our safety standards and practices. A member of that team is Richard Needham, our Logistics Fleet Manager. Richard explains that, “L&W Supply’s delivery equipment is the result of decades of continuous improvement to provide the most versatile, reliable and technologically advanced trucks in our industry.”

Safety has always been the top priority for our associates, customers and the public. We employ safety equipment on our trucks such as, backup and side view cameras, automatic transmissions, electronic crane stability control, route management software, and of course cones and chocks to completely control each work site.

Along with all of these innovations and equipment investments, we also invest in our associates by constantly improving and refreshing their safety training.

At L&W Supply, safety has always been a top priority and so we continue to improve and update our equipment as well as our associates’ knowledge and training.

Be on the lookout for our fresh new design of fleet trucks and equipment at your local L&W Supply.