Innovations in Ceilings: FSorb and USG Ceilings Plus

At L&W Supply, we always strive to remain up-to-date on the latest and greatest solutions from our vendor partners. Across the industry, manufacturers have been responding to the need for more time-saving and eco-friendly building materials by creating new, innovative acoustical solutions. This month, we’re taking a look at a few exciting ceiling solutions from our vendor partners at USG and FSorb.


FSorb’s products come with a unique selling point: they are created from recycled materials, making them especially durable and eco-friendly. Their products are designed to reduce excess ambient noise in a space while increasing the level of comfort for the occupants, while adding a clean and dynamic look. Here is a selection of their products and how they affect building performance:

Acoustical Panels

F-Sorb Standard Acoustical Panels

FSorb Acoustical Panels

FSorb’s wall and ceiling panels come in four standard sizes: 3/8,” ½,” 1” and 2.” Due to their design (being made from recycled plastic) they are resistant to microbes and moisture that can generate mold and mildew. They are made from extruded polyester, shaped and formed with heat. Unlike paper and fiber-based boards, FSorb’s panels do not ding or break under pressure.

Silentline Baffles

Silentline Baffles are another solution from FSorb that makes great strides in both acoustic performance and ease-of-installation. They are designed to install to a standard T-Grid or Bolt Slot suspension system, or can be hung independently with C-channel, paired with I-lags, or cable gripper stainless steel hardware.


Quietgrid Cloud Systems

Quietgrid Cloud System

Quietgrid cloud systems are designed to absorb sound and provide a clean, aesthetically pleasing addition to a ceiling. Easily installs on top of an existing ceiling system without a cumbersome installation process. Ideal for educational spaces, lobbies, retail and offices.

USG – Ceilings Plus Design Solutions

USG Illusions Metal Panel Ceiling System

Illusions Metal Panel Ceiling System

USG is one of the leading manufacturers of gypsum board products and a close vendor partner of L&W Supply. As one of the top creators of acoustical solutions in the country, it is important to keep yourself familiar with USG’s product line in order to stay at the forefront of the building materials market.

USG Ceilings Plus Design Solutions provides modular, made-to-order versions of USG’s Ceilings Plus line. Since the products are pre-designed, USG’s Design Solutions provides customers with limited budgets and narrow timeframes more flexibility when choosing a ceiling solution. USG’s Design Solutions are architecturally driven, suspended ceiling systems, created to balance functionality with a sharp look.

Illusions® Metal Panel Ceiling System

A concealed suspension ceiling solution with a number of customization options, including finishes such as wood, metal, or digitally designed perforations. Designed to be lightweight and flexible, easily integrates with lighting and other ceiling mounted fixtures.

Barz® Linear Metal Ceiling System

USG Barz Linear Metal Ceiling System

Barz Linear Metal Ceiling System

The Barz system allows for easy installation and access in open plenum ceiling design. These ultra-lightweight panels offer an aesthetically pleasing addition to a space, along with enhanced acoustical control. By allowing customers to preassemble any size or spacing of slats, strips, boards, beams, or other linear components into metal panels, Barz can be integrated with existing lighting and HVAC fixtures without hassle.

Planx Linear Metal Ceiling System

USG Ceilings Plus Design Solutions Planx

Planx Linear Metal System

Planx is a metal ceiling solution that opens up wood veneer design options with increased flexibility and acoustical performance over standard wood ceilings. Planx offers varied mounting arrangements in order to respond to any installation requirements, including third party integration of diffusers, lights, and other ceiling components. By utilizing sound absorbing materials in their design, Planx linear metal ceilings allows for a high level of acoustical comfort for occupants while also adding a dynamic look to a room.


If you’d like to learn more about these products, along with other acoustical solutions, contact your local L&W Supply. Every L&W Supply branch has a dedicated team of product experts ready to answer your questions and help you place your next order. The products covered in this article are just a small selection of the wide range of acoustical options available at L&W Supply’s branches.

To contact your local branch, visit our Branch Locator today. For more information regarding our branches in Florida and Carolina, please follow the links below:

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