Innovations in Ceilings: Colorado Market

At L&W Supply, one of the key ways that our representatives and team members contribute to the success of a project is through our understanding of the market and our various core product categories. Our associates have to be able to identify opportunities for both us and our customers at the product selection stage. In particular, acoustical ceilings is a product category where there can be a great deal of opportunity if you keep aware of the latest developments in the industry.

“Across numerous projects quoted and delivered by our branches, we have found a wide variance what the customer needs are by project – obviously affecting both the performance and cost of the overall ceiling system,” says Matt Myers, L&W District Manager. “As a result, we want to be able to share with our customers what’s new in the market in terms of product, giving our customers the most options for a successful job.”

To help illustrate some of these key concepts, let’s take a look at three ceilings products commonly stocked by L&W Supply’s Colorado delivery teams:

Celebration Snap-In Metal Panels

Celebration Panels

Celebration Snap-In Panels

Celebration is an innovative product from USG with time-saving design features, allowing for quick installation. As a metal ceiling product, it provides a monolithic appearance along with corrosion resistance.

  • Easily integrates with USG Donn® Brand Fineline® DXF™ Acoustical Suspension System.
  • Many different colors and finishes to choose from
  • Downward panel access is excellent for shallow plenum areas

True Wood Grilles

TrueWood Grilles

TrueWood Grilles

True Wood Grilles are a variant of the True Wood Panels with a modern design aesthetic with the ability to be configured with a number of different wood finishes. The different configurations of the product allow it to have design and installation flexibility along with an aesthetically appealing look.

  • Standard panel sizes are designed to either lie into or mount to Donn Brand grid systems
  • Can be designed with multiple orientations and mounting configurations

Drywall Suspension Direct Mount System

Direct Mount System

Drywall Suspension Direct Mount System

The Drywall Suspension Direct Mount System features a number of time-saving innovations designed to help speed of the installation process. The star of the show here is the Close Mount Attachment Clip (CMAC-1) which provides strong support without the use of hanger wires in tight plenum applications.

  • Installs faster than traditional framing methods
  • Works with a shallow plenum or Wall-to-Wall applications
  • Featuring the simple “Lock and Go” system for quick grid assembly

Visit this page for an installation guide for USG’s Direct Mount system.

L&W Supply’s teams work hard to ensure that our customers have access to the highest quality acoustical products in the industry. Accomplishing this goal requires a knowledgeable sales force and highly trained associates, along with strong partnerships with leading manufacturers like USG. We hope that with these guides, we can continue to keep our customers and visitors up-to-date on the latest developments in the ceilings space.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about acoustical ceiling distribution in Colorado, visit our Denver Market page.

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