Innovations in Ceilings: Acoustical Baffles and Modular Solutions

This month, we are taking a closer look at new acoustical solutions from USG and Sound Seal. Both of these manufactures and their product lines feature exciting innovations that help save time and money when it comes to installation, product selection and customization options.

Sound Seal and USG Ceilings Plus are carried at L&W Supply’s Florida and Carolina branches. For more information, please visit the Carolina and Florida market pages.

Sound Seal – Sound Quality® Ceiling Baffles & Banners

Sound Seal provides a range of ceiling baffles and banners, designed to be lightweight and easy to install. They are custom made, available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and colors. This range of options helps provide flexibility when trying to satisfy a project request or achieve a particular NRC rating.

More than just a selection of acoustic solutions, Sound Seal aims to be a comprehensive partner for solving noise-related problems in industrial and architectural settings. Take for example, a high-traffic area like a gymnasium or a restaurant. For these projects, you may need an acoustic solution that is not only sound absorbing, but also impact resistant. For applications such as these, Sound Seal offers acoustic panels with four different levels of impact-resistance, from the standard panel to the S4100 with a fiberglass absorber for extra resilience. Options such as these, along with sound reflecting solutions, allow Sound Seal’s customers a great deal of flexibility.

Check out the products below for a selection of Sound Seal solutions that can be found at L&W Supply’s Florida and Carolina branches:

Sound Seal Semi Rigid Panels

SR-100 Baffles

SR-100 (Semi-Rigid) Baffles

  • Sound Seal’s most economical baffles, the semi-rigid acoustical product comes in a PVC, Sailcloth or fabric finish.
    • Easy to install by suspending from the ceiling using grommets
    • Comes in standard sizes 2’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’
    • Along with custom sizing, maximum to 4’ x 10’
    • NRC rating of .80-.90 on 1″ thickness
    • NRC rating of 1.05 – 1.10 on 2″ thickness



R-100 Baffles

R-100 Baffles

R-100 (Rigid) Baffles

  • Ideal for projects where a crisp corner and clean finish is desired, rigid baffles are a great acoustical solution for environments like offices and healthcare facilities.
    • High-quality acoustic baffle with a fabric finish
    • R-100 Baffles include brackets or tabs that extend upwards from the top of the baffle so the baffle can be installed or hung from the ceiling
      down vertically from the ceiling
    • NRC rating of .80-.90 on 1″ thickness
    • NRC rating of 1.05 – 1.10 on 2″ thickness



Sound Seal Vertex Baffles

Sound Seal Vertex Baffles

Vertex Baffle

  • A vertical acoustical ceiling baffle, consisting of two 9mm Plex Board layers made of sound-absorbing felt. Available in a number of custom finishes and colors, Vertex is designed to be a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing acoustical solution.
    •      Made from 100% Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a felt sound-absorbing material
    •      Can be installed with either aircraft cable or threaded rod attachments.
    •      NRC Rating of 1.10 on 2-3/4″ thickness


USG Ceilings Plus Design Solutions Barz

USG Ceilings Plus Barz in an office

USG Ceilings Plus Design Solutions

USG’s Design Solutions provides standard, made-to-order versions of their Ceilings Plus line, granting their customers with limited budgets and narrow timeframes more flexibility. Whereas the original Ceilings Plus line is consists of custom products, Design Solutions are modular versions of the same products, which allows them to be ordered and delivered quicker. Below are two examples of Design Solutions products now available, along with two more coming in 2021:

Design Solutions: Barz

  • Linear baffles. An open plenum ceiling that balances scale with access and aesthetics with acoustics.


USG Ceilings Plus Design Solutions Illusions

USG Ceilings Plus Design Solutions Illusions

Design Solutions: Illusions

  • Modular panels. A concealed ceiling system with easy access and integration.

 Design Solutions: Colortex – Barz (Coming Summer 2021)

  • Versatile panels. An acoustical solution with 20 color options available for a variety of ceiling and wall applications.

Design Solutions: Planx (Coming Fall 2021)

  • Precision-formed panels. A metal suspended ceiling with snap-in or interlocking linear panels.


We hope this brief look into new acoustic solutions available from L&W Supply’s branches has been helpful to you and your team members. If you would like to contact our Florida and Carolina branches, or learn more about the products listed here, please visit the links below.

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