Project Profile: Hilton Head Christian Academy

At L&W Supply, our teams know that strong collaboration is the key to any successful project. It is crucial that the customer, the sales reps, contractors, and everyone else involved on a project has effective communication and a set of shared goals to help ensure the build is a success. A recent example of powerful collaboration at the planning and execution stage came from L&W Supply Bluffton and Chroma Collections in the Hilton Head Christian Academy ceilings project.


Hilton Head Christian Academy is a K-12 school located in Bluffton, South Carolina. The school was looking for a ceiling redesign, creating a dynamic look for their hallways. The contractor on the project was Bay Hill Construction, LLC, and the architect was Court Atkins Group.

The original concept called for a “gradient effect” in the ceiling system, created across successive rows of baffles. For a vibrant design like this, product selection is important in order to maintain strong acoustic performance – especially in a crowded location like a hallway. Shep Caldwell, a sales representative covering L&W Supply Bluffton and Savannah, SC, collaborated with Chroma Collections in order to determine a product solution.

Chroma Collections is a manufacturer of acoustical ceiling tiles and wall panels notable for their custom designs, including a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. As important as their product selection is, their fast and responsive communication is why L&W Supply teams continue working with them. Shep Caldwell, Sales Representative from L&W Supply, along with Bluffton branch manager Rick Foster, were able to collaborate with Chroma Collection in order to redesign the construction documentation to create a new solution for Hilton Head Academy.

Product Solution

Hilton Head Christian Academy Concept

Hilton Head Concept

Working with Chroma Collections, the ceiling solution that was proposed involved custom vertical wall baffles in 18 colors, allowing the ceiling color to ‘lighten’ as it moved down the hallway. This design was accomplished with extensive project support from Chroma Collections, including shop drawings, samples and color selection. This is where close collaboration is very important.

“With a project like Hilton Head Academy, it can’t always be solved with a single call or email process,” says Shep Caldwell. “A dynamic ceiling solution and delivery like this one requires consistent communication in order to ensure it will be a success. We were pleased to see that once again, Chroma Collections was able to act as a knowledgeable ‘go-to’ resource for our teams every step of the way.”

The proposed solution of custom vertical wall baffles, delivered and installed by L&W Supply Bluffton and Savannah, was accepted and approved by the contractor and the architect. In total, the final installation required 198 baffles that were stocked by L&W Supply’s delivery teams.


As a result of effective collaboration, the delivery and installation of the ceiling solution for Hilton Head Academy was a success. Taking a look at the proposed concept art compared to the final installation photos, it is easy to see how L&W Supply and Chroma Collections were able to satisfy the original design with a creative solution. From the product selection and pre-planning phases, to the implementation of the final design, Hilton Head Academy is a great example of what can be accomplished when the manufacturer and distributor are working together efficiently to accomplish the same goals.

L&W Supply’s close collaboration with Chroma Collections allowed both teams to create a strong product solution for Hilton Head Academy that completely satisfied the original design proposal. By using each other’s resources and expertise, both teams were able to accomplish far more than they could on their own.

If you would like more information about L&W Supply’s Carolina teams, or to view the Chroma Collections product catalog, follow the links below. To learn more about our product catalog or to request a quote, contact your local branch today.

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