Driving Our Customer Promise

How Our Delivery Drivers Make the Difference

At L&W Supply, delivery drivers are one of the most crucial elements of our service promise to our customers. Each of our drivers play a major role in how we continue to provide world-class service to our customers by often acting as the final representative of our company when completing a delivery.

L&W Supply’s drivers are responsible for ensuring that materials are delivered efficiently and safely. We rely on them to provide excellent customer service, follow safety regulations, address any jobsite concerns they may have and reinforce L&W Supply’s core values at every opportunity.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different aspects of what it means to deliver for L&W Supply and the impact that drivers have on the building materials industry as a whole.

Member of L&W Supply Delivery Crew Completing a Delivery

L&W Supply Delivery Driver Completing a Delivery

1. High Customer Impact

Our delivery drivers often serve as the face of our company, engaging with customers day-to-day while delivering and stocking materials to jobsites across the country. L&W Supply’s drivers don’t just drop off the material at the curb: we work with the customer to deliver it exactly when and where they want it to help optimize the contractor’s site schedule and resources. Drivers are responsible for making sure that these deliveries are completed safely and accurately for our customers.

Given this hands-on role, L&W Supply’s drivers are crucial for helping to reinforce our core delivery promise: we’ll deliver the materials you need, where and when you need them. By instilling a sense of autonomy and respect into our delivery drivers, they are able to make a difference with every customer interaction.

2. More Than Just Driving

With the hands-on role that our drivers play while working at L&W Supply, they learn much more than just how to navigate roads safely. Each of our CDL drivers are key members of our local branch teams and will gain an in-depth understanding of the building materials market while working at L&W, both from experience and from training sessions.

“Our drivers are given a great deal of opportunity to learn at L&W Supply,” says Dan Kyle. “Through Workday and our own Training Zone programs, we continue to create training content that is second to none in our industry, helping to make our drivers experts over time.”

This added experience of stocking and securing the products that our customers order allows our drivers to gain a great deal of knowledge when it comes  to how to optimize the delivery process. With these added benefits, it should come as no surprise that delivery drivers and boom truck operators within our industry are both invested in the outcome of our projects and knowledgeable about the building materials market as a whole.

3. Opportunities for Growth

L&W Supply’s commitment to our drivers goes beyond just providing them with a place to work, but also a place to grow. We give each of our associates the chance to learn new skills, expand their knowledge of the industry and introduce them to opportunities to advance their career. Talk to any of our branch managers – some of whom are now Managing Partners – and you’ll quickly learn just how many of them started off as CDL drivers or members of our warehouse team.

By hiring from within and investing in our own people, we create strong, collaborative teams, with management that is just as capable of walking the walk, as talking the talk. This is because at L&W Supply we believe in giving our people them the training, support and opportunity to do what they do best – which directly impacts the customer experience.

4. Emphasis on Safety

Across our entire company, L&W Supply is deeply committed to the safety of our workers – both on and off our customers’ jobsites. Each of our CDL drivers receives comprehensive training on proper safety standards that they are required to follow, helping to keep them safe in the warehouse, while driving, and when unloading materials. As you know, safety is not just an individual concern, but a company-wide standard.

L&W Supply is always making improvements to help reinforce our commitment to safety, including onboarding programs, regular maintenance of safety equipment, and proper training on how to safely complete deliveries. It is not only part of our promise to our associates, but our customers as well. Every one of our delivery drivers is responsible for ensuring that your building products are safely stocked and secured at jobsites all across the country – from inquiry to invoice. To learn more about L&W Supply’s culture of safety, visit our About Us page.

Looking for a place to work?

Our professional drivers are instrumental to the success of our business, often serving as the name and face that comes to represent our brand to customers. By providing all of our drivers with the tools they need to grow their skills and acknowledge their accomplishments, we are helping them do what they do best. With regular home time, a focus on safety and a strong company culture, L&W Supply is a great place to build your career in the building materials industry. If you are interested in a commercially licensed driving job, visit our Careers site to see local professional truck driving jobs.




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