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Curtain Pockets, Digital Printing, and Direct Mount Drywall Grid: 3 Innovative Ceiling Products

USG Curtain Pockets

Contractors and builders in the state of Florida have many reliable options when it comes to fulfilling their acoustical ceilings needs. Our Florida sales teams witness firsthand some of the groundbreaking products that are going into people’s homes and businesses.

We spoke to our representatives from L&W Supply’s Florida branches about three new products that help represent some of the innovation currently taking place with acoustical ceilings.

USG Compasso Elite: Curtain Pockets

Curtain Pockets are an extruded aluminum solution designed to provide a platform to integrate utilities at the perimeters of the interior building. They integrate seamlessly into USG Ceiling systems and come in a wide number of different sizes and configurations, each with a highly aesthetic appeal.

  • Quick installation with multiple mounting options
  • Allows for interior applications along with wall-to-wall ceilings and new construction.
  • Perfect for multi-family residences and condominiums
Chroma Collection Wood & Metal Visions

Chroma Collection Wood & Metal Visions

Chroma Collections: Wood and Metal Visions

Chroma Collections creates custom-colored acoustical ceiling panels available in a large number of different designs. Recently, they have introduced Wood Visions and Metal Visions, digitally-printed tiles meant to mimic wood and metal designs. This product line allows designers the ability to incorporate these textures into buildings without sacrificing acoustical performance.

  • Easier to install and more lightweight than wood / metal
  • Custom images and sizes are available for more flexibility
  • Designed to be installed in a T-bar grid system

Chroma Collection is also home to a number of other customizable colored panels, visit their website to explore some of their other solutions.

USG - Drywall Suspension Direct Mount System

USG Direct Mount System

USG – Drywall Suspension Direct Mount System

The Drywall Suspension Direct Mount System features a number of time-saving innovations designed to help speed of the installation process. The star of the show here is the Close Mount Attachment Clip (CMAC-1) which provides strong support without the use of hanger wires in tight plenum applications.

  • Installs faster than traditional framing methods
  • Works with a shallow plenum or Wall-to-Wall applications
  • Featuring the simple “Lock and Go” system for quick grid assembly

These are just a few of the many products and manufactures that may be stocked at L&W Supply’s Florida branches. Every one of our experienced teams are equipped with the products and services you need to make your job easier. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about acoustical ceilings, contact your local L&W Supply rep today.