Acoustical Performance as a Priority: Three Ceilings Products from USG

L&W Supply’s Colorado teams spend a lot of time delivering, stocking, and learning as much as they can about the latest ceilings products from USG. In particular, our sales people are always on the lookout for time-saving developments that certain products can provide. Ultimately, the more time we save, the more attention and dedication we can lend to our customers.

Since the addition of USG’s line of ceilings products, L&W Supply’s Colorado and Wyoming branches have quickly made acoustical ceilings a key part of their product portfolio. This month, in an effort to continue to share our knowledge with our customers and partners, we are taking a look at three commonly-used ceilings products from USG, examining their product specs and some quick insights.

USG Mars 90/30

Advantages of Mars vs. Fiberglass TextboxMars High–NRC panels are a well-known acoustical product, known for sustainable aesthetics and high acoustic performance. They provide excellent noise reduction coefficient (NRC) and noise isolation (CAC) performance. As an alternative to fiberglass panels, Mars 90 provides balanced acoustics while maintaining a smooth, bright aesthetic, with many preferring to use Mars due to the time and cost-savings that they can provide.

  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Comes in either 90 / 30 NRC rating
  • Offers superior sag resistance, including ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime warranty

Danoline Perforated Gypsum Panels

Danoline is a perforated gypsum panel that be installed on ceilings or walls, offering a strong amount of versatility in application.

Danoline Gypsum Panels

Danoline Gypsum Panels

A factory-applied acoustical backer provides high NRC values – from 0.55 to 0.70 depending on mounting type. This kind of flexibility allows Danoline to comfortable work within a number of different kinds of ceiling systems.

  • Quick to install and field modifiable
  • Three perforation patterns to choose from
  • NRC Rating of 0.55 with optional acoustical backer, raising it to 0.70

Paraline Baffles Linear Ceiling System

Paraline is suspended linear metal systems with a highly dynamic design.

Paraline Baffles from USG

Paraline Baffles

It is available in acoustical and non-acoustical options and features a number of design innovations that make it easier to install on top of an existing ceiling system.

  • Clip on design allows ease of installation with no plenum depth requirements
  • Hangs straight and plum on curved or angled grid
  • Acoustical performance up to 3 Sabins.

In terms of acoustical performance, metal is known for providing both sound absorption and reflection, with standard acoustical ceilings only providing absorption. Metal panels commonly feature a fiberglass backing for enhanced acoustical performance, which is also a feature of Paraline.


What these three products have in common is that they feature specific innovations that allow the product to retain a strong acoustical performance without having to sacrifice a clean design. Mars has gained popularity due to its durability, sound retention, and compatibility with existing systems. However, in the case of Paraline Metal Baffles, it helps illustrate that don’t have to keep a monochromatic look in order to achieve a strong acoustical performance in a ceiling system.

We hope this brief look into three products from USG has been helpful to you and your team members. If you would like to contact our Colorado/Wyoming branches, or learn more about the products listed here, please visit the links below.

Denver Market Page (CO & WY)

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